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3 Idiots

Saw the movie last Thursday, with my preferred choice o3 Idiotsf company, after it was difficult to tolerate lines and jokes from the movie, and jaw dropping reactions when I told people that I hadn’t seen the movie. What I had expected while going to the movie that it would not live up to its hype of being a revolutionary movie, especially for engineering students, and wouldn’t even pass half a laugh at Chatur’s speech(had already heard of it, after constant mentions of it in the hostel, and updates related to people joining a Facebook group related to it which kept up popping on my FB homepage. But it wasn’t to be so, turned out to be a wonderful entertainer. Hats off to Raj Kumar Hirani and Aamir Khan’s brilliance. Not to forget R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi and Boman Irani’s incredible sense of comic timing. It was unrealistic at parts, like the scenes where Aamir delivers a baby at ICE’s boys hostel’s common room and Sharman’s interview.
But what I felt that it had projected the higher education system of India in a very false light. Never are you going to seen a lisping nut-head leading the premier engineering institute of India with trousers reaching the heights of his chest and carry out every menial thing like taking a nap or shaving with precision and punctuality. What I fear might happen as a result of this movie is that people might not appreciate the power of hard work. There are going to be blames on the Indian Education System and the inefficiency of rote learning rather than appreciating the quality of academic brilliance. IITians will be seen as slaves of the corporate Industry in the US, with acquiring a Lamborghini and a Malibu Villa their only ambition, or maybe the Sunset Boulevard. If one is not a Phunsuk Wangdu, he may be inspired to just loose his interest in the classroom, and start building dreams of becoming a wildlife photographer. Not to forget that a wildlife photographs require immense knowledge about the subject and hardwork, but the whole point may be missed.
So keep in mind that the only message that it intended to carry was to identify your skills and passions, and live them, rather than doing something that you are not good at, and trying to make a career out of it.

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