Well if you disagree with me to an extent that you want to beat me up or something then get in touch with me, through a variety of means mentioned below, and we’ll fix up a meeting so that you can peacefully go ahead with your sarcasm, shouts, rants or any subsequent action which may follow.

My facebook profile: The link to the profile is : This is the only social networking site that I am active at, although you may find erstwhile active profiles on other sites like hi5, Orkut and MySpace. They have not been deleted only for nostalgic reasons.

E Mail: With the advent and the subsequent rampant usage of social networking sites, and these free messaging schemes being provided by mobile phone service providers, no one seems to e-mail me these days(On second thoughts, thats incorrect, I remember seeing about 5000 of them in my inbox). Its dying a slow death similar to snail mail(yes, I did use to snail mail, even though I was only 5, I just loved the thought of sending and receiving letters, even to classmates who lived down the street) being used only for professional purposes. You can get in touch with me at, and this is the only e-mail address that I frequently check

COMMENT: If somehow the above mentioned means seem absurd and illogical to you, then drop your contact details as a comment to any of the posts on the blog, and I’ll get back in touch with you.

PHONE: You’ve got to earn it.

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