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May 18, 2010 13 comments

ACHTUNG! I am an engineering student, and I am in examination mode right now. So pardon me readers for sounding like an examination sheet in this post.


This post is for all you coffee enthusiasts, budding coffee enthusiasts or people who go simply dumb upon seeing a menu card at a coffee shop(which you go to because of peer pressure and because its cool nowadays to hang out there), or those who simply did not understand why they puked out when they had that teeny-tiny glass of espresso the last time they were at Costa Coffee, or why after an uncultured sip of Cappuccino or Breve you looked like a pretty messed up version of Chacha Chaudhary. Why your girlfriend usually ends up ordering the Latte or the Mocha. This post is also dedicated to some people who call themselves coffee freaks, and end up ordering an Americano each time they go to a coffee shop(one of you is alright, the other one is a damn right poser :p)


The above figure tells you how 6 types of coffee drinks are made. This tells you about the intensity of the drink. If it contains loads of milk, cream and chocolate, it is bound to be on the lighter side. A shot of espresso for the untrained could be a disaster recipe.


Take that girl you’ve been eying the past week out on a date, and impress her with your newly acquired uber cool knowledge. Also to save on a lot of money, by not ordering the wrong drink and ending up throwing it away. Perhaps the most important reason being, you know what you are drinking! A Barista-Lavazza menu card will not seem like a future Space Shuttle Launch Dossier prepared by NASA for Dr. George Fitzgerald Smoot III. Plus now you also know, Americano is not how Mexicans refer to the people from up north, it is a type of coffee.


The next time you see a coffee shop, don’t simply give it a miss, try going in, you’ll enjoy the experience. You’ll meet new people, have a good time, and enjoy something that you’ve been missing altogether. And for coffee freaks, you cannot resist smelling a freshly brewed delight, can you? Well I can’t, I am off to get myself one!